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Growing Lavender with Susan Harrington

In a 40-foot labyrinth, Susan Harrington grows 150 lavender plants. Harvesting 5-6 bundles per plant or approximately 700 bundles each flowering season offers some pretty fragrant returns. Susan and her husband Jack own Labyrinth Hill Lavender in Washington state.

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What is Esters? by Janet Scavarda

There seems to be a lot of misconception about the effect altitude has on the ester content of lavender, and whether high altitude lavender is more desirable than lavenders grown at lower altitudes. It is not a simple answer, but I will try to provide the basic information about this issue.

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There’s a lot more than grapes and peaches growing here. Visitors can learn more about the unique purple plant that’s used in everything from perfume to homeopathy to culinary dishes during the Colorado Annual Lavender Festival in Palisade.


Lavender Festival 2018

Friday  June 29 Motor-coach tours
Saturday June 30 Festival in the Park 9am-4pm
Sunday July 1 Self-Guided Tours


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