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Single Booth fee Early Bird Special prior to March 31st $175 plus $10 to include Town of Palisade Temporary Special Event Business License.

Single Booth fee after March 31st $200 plus $10 to include Town of Palisade Temporary Special Event Business License.

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Vendor Information

You MUST apply by Downloading the application and returning by mail or appling online Click Here

Colorado’s Annual Lavender Festival is looking for the finest quality handcrafted lavender products or unique arts and crafts. Priority will be given to General Members of the Lavender Association of Colorado.

Dates & Hours: The festival will be held June 29, 2019, from 9 am-4 pm. Palisade Veteran’s Memorial Park, regardless of weather conditions, 120 W 8th St, Palisade CO 81526.
Set-up/Breakdown: Set-up may begin at 6:30 am and must be completed by 8:45 am. You may go directly to your space, we will come to you to check you in. The main parking lot will be available to unload until 8:00 a.m. NO EXCEPTIONS.

All vehicles must be moved for handicapped parking only.

Food Trucks will be located on the street on the east side of the park on Main St. All vendor vehicles must be moved by 8:00 am. Unload your products and display and then move your vehicle to the vendor parking area which is Taylor Elementary School, 689 Brentwood Dr, or the Fire Station overflow parking, across the street from the park before

Breakdown can begin at 4 pm and must be completed by 6 pm. Before leaving, your location must be clean and trash free. Vehicles not moved to designated areas, breaking down early, not cleaning your site, will result in not being invited back as a vendor.

What can be sold: The vendor must grow or craft the majority of the products sold. Any exceptions must be approved by the Vendor Committee and/or Festival Director. To achieve a wide variety of goods, some products may be limited. Vendors will be notified in advance of products that have not been approved, and have the option to withdraw from the festival and receive a full refund. A vendor selling a product not disclosed in the application may, at the sole discretion of the Vendor Committee and/or Festival Director, be prohibited from any further sales of such product.

Vendor Approval: All new vendors, to any LAC event, must provide 3 photos of their booth and products with their application. Please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) if you’d like your photos returned. All vendors must be approved by the Vendor Committee. If not approved, your application fee will be refunded in full. Notifications of acceptance and pertinent information will be sent to the vendor in a timely manner. If a selected vendor is unable to participate, the Vendor Committee/ Festival Director must receive notice before May 1 in order to receive a full refund.

Booths can be shared by no more than two (2) vendors or businesses and both must be listed on the application. Sub-letting or selling of spaces is not allowed. Booth space is limited. All vendors must include own furnishings, none will be provided.

SPACE ALLOCATION: Vendor locations will be assigned by the Vendor Committee. Any special accommodations will need to be disclosed beforehand. If you have special space needs, please include your request with your application and the committee will make every effort to accommodate you. Placement, flow, and competition will be taken into consideration to provide the best experience for Festival attendees. Your display must NOT exceed the boundaries of your booth. STAKING IS PROHIBITED! Nothing, including tent stakes or signs, may be driven into the ground at the festival site.

Staffing & Money: Each vendor is responsible for the appearance of their booth and conduct of those working within their booth. Each vendor is responsible to assure staffing at all times and responsible for their own finances. The vendor accepts all liability for any loss, damage, theft, caused by the operation of their booth, and relieves the Lavender
Association of Colorado and its representatives of any liability of the operation of their booth.

Each vendor is required by the Town of Palisade to a $10 Temporary Special Event Business License. This license fee will be collected by the Association in addition to the vendor fee. Any vendor application without the fee will be incomplete and not considered until total payment is received. If a vendor has already purchased an annual Town of Palisade Business License, a copy is to be submitted with the application.

Food vendors must provide a copy of their food service license with this application.

Alcohol Vendors: Will be held to the same expectations as non-alcohol vendors. You are responsible to maintain your own liquor requirements needed. You are responsible to check the required ID’s of all your patrons. We will acquire the Town of Palisade Liquor Licensing and have fencing and security surrounding the alcohol vendors.

Licensing: Food vendors are required to comply with Mesa County Environmental Health Department and Colorado requirements for temporary food establishments. A copy of a current Food Handlers License is required by all food vendors when submitting this application and must be displayed at all times during the festival.

Taxes, Fees and Permits: Each vendor must possess and display a valid Colorado Sales Tax License. Vendors are responsible for collecting and reporting their own sales tax. (Obtain from the State of Colorado Vendors must also submit $10 for a Town of Palisade Temporary Special Event Business License, paid with the vendor fee and application. If vendor has already purchased an annual Town of Palisade Business License, a copy is to be submitted with the application. Any vendor application without the fee will be considered incomplete and not considered until payment is received.

o The completed, signed, and dated registration application, (first page only).
o Check made out to Lavender Association of Colorado, or LAC, for booth fee and Temporary Special Event Business License (if you don’t hold an Annual Town of Palisade Business License).
o Copy of Annual Town of Palisade Business License (if not paying the Temporary Special Event Business License).
o Copy of current Food Handlers License for food vendors.
o Maximum of three photos if I’m a new vendor, and a SASE if I want my photos returned.
o If you choose to scan your application to be emailed, new members can email their photos as well. However your application is not accepted until total payment is received.
o Only cash or check payments accepted; credit/debit cards are not accepted forms of payment. For safety, do not send cash through the mail.

Food and Alcohol Vendors: have included a Certificate of Liability Insurance naming Lavender Association of Colorado as an Additional Insured.

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