Lavender Association of Western Colorado

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To Promote lavender as an alternative cash crop in Western Colorado through education, research, networking and market development.

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For centuries lavender has been prized for its sweet perfume, medicinal properties and beautiful color. It’s easily one of the best known and most popular herbs on our dear old Mother Earth. You’ll find this amazing plant used in cooking, essential oils and hydrosols, the healing arts, and a myriad of crafts and creative endeavors. Let us help you incorporate lavender into your garden and into your life. You are encouraged to join us at one of our monthly meetings to learn more about our association and the myriad aspects of lavender itself. Whether you’re thinking of growing a field of lavender or just a plant or two, we’re eager to help you learn and appreciate this beautiful herb and its delightful properties. We hope you’ll join Lavender Association of Western Colorado!

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