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Lavender is such a versatile herb that many delicious recipes can be made. From refreshing drinks to delectable entrees, you’ll find a recipe you’ll love inside this wonderful book!


About the Spike it with Lavender eCookbook:

Picture of Spike it With Lavender Cook book awardThis colorful, easy-search edition brings together recipes from nationally known chefs and writers, local professional chefs, and talented home cooks to share top secrets about using lavender in your life for cooking, bath, body and household cleaning.

The collection is adventuresome and full of farm fresh ideas to spike your favorite recipes and features contemporary, healthy, delicious and innovative new recipes that beckon you to the kitchen.

While many are heart-healthy, vegetarian and gluten-free, others are …good for your soul! 175 recipes and many tips!

The Lavender Association of Western Colorado (LAWC) supports sustainable practices and local growers. Proceeds from the book benefit LAWC’s educational programs.

We wish you happy adventures and cooking with this awarding winning cook-book!


About the Author:

Lida Lafferty was looking for sources of healthy food for her bees when she happened upon lavender.

As the lavender bloomed, the bees were smitten and her journey began from the field to the table.

She enjoys the chemistry of cooking and reactions to adventuresome fusions. Lida lives in western Colorado with her family.

She is a speech pathologist and charter member of the Lavender Association of Western Colorado.

‘Spike it with Lavender: Recipes for Living’ is her second book.

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Book Subtitle: Recipes for Living
Author: Lida Lafferty for The Lavender Association of Western Colorado
Designer: Amy Nuernberg
Publisher: The Lavender Association of Western Colorado
Copyright Date: January 2016

Kindle 13-Digit ISBN   978-0-9836917-4-7
Nook 13-Digit ISBN    978-0-9836917-5-4
Apple 13-Digit ISBN   978-0-9836917-3-0

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LAWC does not directly sell Spike It With Lavender though we will receive proceeds that benefit LAWC’s educational programs.

A Taste: 

Purple Passion Lavender-Mint Punch 

found on Food.com

3 T. fresh mint leaves
2-3 T. fresh lavender blossoms or 1 T. dried lavender blossoms
6 c. boiling water
1 liter ginger ale, chilled
1 c. purple grape juice

mint leaf ice cubes
thinly sliced orange (or lemons)
lavender flowers
mint sprig

MINT LEAF ICE CUBES: To make the mint leaf ice cubes, place one whole mint leaf in each ice cube tray compartment. Fill the tray with water and freeze until completely solid.

TEA/PUNCH: Place the fresh mint leaves and lavender in a teapot, pour the boiling water over the leaves and brew for 10 minutes. Allow tea to cool completely. Strain the tea and add the grape juice. Add the ginger ale and mint ice cubes just before serving. Garnish each serving with an orange or lemon slice, if desired. Makes approximately 12 cups.

Lavender Sugar

2 c. Granulated Sugar
2 sprigs Lavender

Place ingredients in a jar or tightly sealed container.
Keep in a warm place and shake container daily.
​Strain out lavender if desired before using.

We wish you happy adventures and cooking with lavender!

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