Basics of Lavender

Just getting started learning about Lavender?

Download this Fact Sheet from the Colorado State University Extension Office that will help you with the basic understanding of what it is, how it grows, what it needs, and what to watch out for. Written by our own members Kathy Kimbrough and Curtis Swift!

The climate in Western Colorado provides optimal growing conditions for lavender. Our area varies slightly than other prominent growing regions. The articles and information below is a good way to familiarize yourself with lavender production and farming techniques.

Read some of the articles presented by various members to learn more.

Lavender Association of Western Colorado Specialty Crop Grant FY 2012

Research Results and Findings of Lavender Essential Oils
Produced by Western Colorado Growers

Specialty Crop Grant

The research results and findings are in! The Lavender Association of Colorado in conjunction with Dr. Curtis Swift and his team harvested, distilled and analyzed the results. As Grant Manager, Kathy Kimbrough reports the findings of the project.

This is the first research conducted to determine the yield and quality of oil for the various cultivars produced in Colorado. The project was designed to find out:

  • which cultivars produce the largest quantity of essential oil
  • which cultivars produce the highest quality of essential oil

Research and information was also compiled on the average yield of dried buds and winter survival by plant variety.

Lavender Association of Western Colorado Lavender Drying