Whiff of Cash From Hint of Lavender

Lavender, for many people throughout the West, is simply a decorative bush used in landscape designs. For Palisade peach farmer Ron Rish, it’s another source of income.

Growing Ag Industries a Welcome Business Trend

Photo of A Pinch of Lavender LLC Palisade CO

While the agricultural industry doesn’t usually garner the same level of attention as the energy sector in Western Colorado, there can be no doubt agricultural enterprises are growing ventures in every sense. 

10 Activities You Can Only Experience in Grand Junction

Photo of Lavender Association of Western Colorado Festival Palisade, Colorado Mesa County

Western Colorado is buzzing with news and activities, from beautiful new wineries to anniversary celebrations and unique events. Discover the 10 activities that only Grand Junction — and Colorado’s Wine Country! Follow our events calendar throughout the year for details.