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Whiff of Cash From Hint of Lavender

Lavender, for many people throughout the West, is simply a decorative bush used in landscape designs. For Palisade peach farmer Ron Rish, it’s another source of income.

Growing Ag Industries a Welcome Business Trend

Photo of A Pinch of Lavender LLC Palisade CO

While the agricultural industry doesn’t usually garner the same level of attention as the energy sector in Western Colorado, there can be no doubt agricultural enterprises are growing ventures in every sense. 

Potions, Lotions and Oceans of Lavender

Lavender Fest… Intoxicating smells of lavender first greet visitors to Palisade’s third annual festival that celebrates the fragrant and multipurpose herb. What comes next is even more stunning. It seems lavender is good for nearly everything. Lavender vendors on Saturday spiced up the day, offering a number of products from infused cooking oils, treats, soaps, […]

Hotchkiss Farm Awash in Purple Splendor

This Lavender Farm is Buzzing… It’s hard to say what catches the attention of a visitor first: the collective hum of hundreds of buzzing bees nestled in the stalks of 600 blooming lavender plants; or, the deep, vivid purple-hued plants themselves, gorgeously stretched out the length of an orchard, with cherry and peach trees along […]

Lavender a Blooming Business Opportunity

There’s a growing number of lavender businesses in Western Colorado… Rosemary Litz steps into her meticulously landscaped backyard and bends over a rounded bush. Like a barber wielding scissors, she trims off a handful of long stalks with purple blooms. The fragrance of lavender fills the air. For a growing number of entrepreneurs like Litz, […]

All About Lavender

A day at Sunny Acres… The lavender is in full bloom at the aptly-named Sunny Acres Lavender Farm in Orchard City. Named after one of its owners, Sunny Howland, the summer sunshine also beautifully drenches the orchards and fields, making this little farm “sunny” in a lot of ways. Sunny and her husband Bob have […]

10 Activities You Can Only Experience in Grand Junction

Photo of Lavender Association of Western Colorado Festival Palisade, Colorado Mesa County

Western Colorado is buzzing with news and activities, from beautiful new wineries to anniversary celebrations and unique events. Discover the 10 activities that only Grand Junction — and Colorado’s Wine Country! Follow our events calendar throughout the year for details.