Fertilizer by Bob Korver

When it comes to fertilizing, question everything I say and seek further information if what I present raises questions in your mind. In a study from the Egyptian Journal of Horticulture, optimal yields of aerial parts of lavender were observed following fertilization...

Growing Lavender by Mother Earth

From Harvesting to Using Take advantage of the many healing aspects of this calming plant by growing your own lavender. By Michelle Schoffro Cook I visited an organic lavender farm last summer. About a half-mile down the road I knew I was close, as I could smell the...


Lavender can be propagated by seed, layering or stem cuttings.  We recommend using stem cuttings or layering because you can guarantee your new plants will not be a hybrid version caused by cross pollinating. By Stem Cutting.  To propagate by stem cutting, first...
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