How to Prep Your Lavender Plants for Cold Weather

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This month’s question (originally received in October) asks us what to do in order to prep your lavender plants for cold weather.

Good morning,

We planted 500 lavender plants this past spring, Grosso and Royal Purple, we are in Canon City.

I wanted to see your recommendation for this weekends cold weather, 10 days ago we were 90° Sunday they’re calling for 15° overnight.

Should we cover our plants? Or will they be ok. I would hate to loose them at this point!
Thanks, Brian – The Lavender Farm, Canon City. 

Our trusty member Lee Ann answers how to prep your lavender plants for cold weather,

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Regarding the cold weather, a few factors come into play. Your planting in spring has allowed good root structure so that should be a big advantage.

If your overnight temps have been low, 30,40,50, then the plants are starting to get used to the colder weather, “hardening-off”, or the dormancy sets in. Remember they are an evergreen, so do winter weather well for the most part.

If you’ve done any recent pruning, that can compromise since it stimulates them to grow, and this is not the time to be stimulating them.

This is a drastic drop in temp for them, you certainly are able to cover, but that’s a logistical hassle you need to decide if you want to pursue. And the other issue is if the temp drops and stays low, that’s better than if it does significant swings, eg 15 to 90 and back again, similar to how springtime is. If that’s the case, then I’d think more about covering.

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